Terms of Service


If you do anything not allowed by our TOS your warranty is gone

You are not allowed to change the Details(Mail/Password...) of any product you purchase

Lying in your Ticket/Query is forbidden

Creating a PayPal Dispute is also forbidden and will lead to a Ban from our store and if the Dispute is successful to the release of the Delivered Goods and Invoice Data


You have 24h warranty up on invoice creation

To get a replacement/refund create a Query on Sellix/Shoppy or a Ticket on discord

The Ticket/Query has to be created before 24h are up

We decide if you get a Refund or a Replacement (Usually a Replacement it mostly depends on Stock)

We won't cover any Transaction Fees (PayPal & BTC)

For BTC Refunds we will refund the Exact BTC Amount we got

You can choose the Priority of BTC refunds

For a replacement you will get the exact amount of Products not working replaced (We can choose anything you get more than that)

If we choose to you can get a product from our store that is worth about the same as your original Product